Mobile Site Design Ideas: How Site Appearance Helps Increase Sales

mobile site design ideas

Are you one of those online marketers who want to increase their sales in just a short period of time? If your answer is yes, it is very imperative that you are aware and familiar about mobile site design ideas. According to some researches, site appearance helps you in increasing your sales. In the present time, mobile site designs get overlooked. According to a report, 25% of people with mobile phones use their phones as the main device for accessing online content. In big cities that do the main business, most people use mobile phones. It simply means that 15-20% of your future clients are using mobile phones for the net access method.

Importance of Mobile Site Design

One of the top reasons why people use mobile phones for big sites is that the business is frowning more on time browsing, work and lost hours. But, it is easy and fast to do a quick internet spree on a mobile device. Today, the foot has also been taken off the way people engage with the internet and they find new useful sites they use and like. This is one of the reasons why 90% of their internet time is spent on those sites only and they also have functioning sites and apps that are creatively designed for the mobile. When it comes to mobile site design, the mobile site design dimensions play a vital role in increasing your sales.

Mobile Site Design Best Practices

Once you decide to start your new mobile design project or you want to check the functionality of your website, it is very important to consider the best practices for mobile site design. One of your first concerns should be how fast your page is loading. Internet means quick information, fast purchases, fast searches and speed. It is not recommended to use huge images. Use external links and keep multimedia elements. Most importantly, make sure that your hosting solution is acceptable. It is also important to avoid posting annoying things on your landing page since this may result to losing your visitors.

Don’t use animation, banners or background music that usually appears while your visitors are reading your content. Don’t cover your page with expendables and pop-up screens. If you want your visitors to enjoy while navigating your website, choose a coordinated design such as navigation buttons, color palette and suggestive logos. Once you have already captured the overall attention of your visitors, you should make it easy for them to navigate from one place to another.

Easy navigation is linked to content design. It simply means that the users should not guess the content buy easily access it throughout the site. It is very important to have a clear title and text. If your visitors understand your message quickly, they will read the rest of your page and at the same time continue navigating. These best practices mobile site design will serve as your guide and key to increase your sales and gain web traffic.

Essential Aspects of Mobile Site Design

In terms of mobile site design examples, it is very important that you are aware about the essential aspects of mobile site design. In the present time, mobile website designers exert all their time and effort in building a site that not only complements your main website but it is also user friendly. Some of the essential aspects of mobile site design include screen resolution, placement of the text, the feel and look of your web page, website loading time and navigation structure. It is a fact that a mobile website has the ability to increase your sales and it can be used to expand your business to a more tech savvy audience.

Mobile Site Design Tips

The traditional website is accessed through a desktop computer while the mobile web can be accessed via a mobile device. When it comes in designing your mobile website, it is important that you are familiar about the important guidelines that will greatly help you in attaining your goal. Make sure that your mobile website has simple layout. It is also important to minimize the load time and have fewer graphics. Make sure that your mobile website has fingertip clickable elements and use a good theme. You can also place important content at the top and have high resolution images.

Follow the ideas for mobile site design that are stated above and rest assured that you are one step closer in increasing your sales.